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The apocalypse. The chaos that enveloped the entire planet in an instant. Many gates emerged from the sky on different continents of the Earth. These were the dungeons, inhabited by monsters eager to devour, destroy what is dear to us: our family, freedom, and, most importantly - life. Betrayal, deception, lies! And for what? But I closed my eyes... because I was already dead. Since I was a weak piece of meat... useless, needed by no one, I stayed. In a moment, I felt like I was dreaming... But I found out it wasn't a dream. What I saw was emptiness. No, not a natural void. It was the Limitless Abyss. I appeared where only one type of creature lived: the monsters. I'm just a Rank F hunter, but... something pulled me into this massacre... I wanted to kill... I wanted to live. I will devour everything that is here. I will kill everything that opposes me. I will return home... and kill everything!