Pure White Elizabeth
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Mature (18+)
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South Korea
I became the female lead. The strong, beautiful female lead with a special power, ‘Elizabeth Lily’. But the path to that road of flowers is much too steep. From being a slave to getting mind-controlled to getting abused... But the hardships of the female lead in the original story is still a long way away. At this rate, I’m going to die before meeting the protagonist! So she made a choice. To change the story by getting rescued by a supporting character, the ill-tempered and dangerous mage, “Ashelot”! But then, “Alright. I’ll care for it. “ “Really? Ashelot, do you even know what it takes to take care of a child?” “Taking responsibility for their diet, education, safety, and if they say they're getting married, look over her husband thoroughly and destroy him...” No! That’s not it! Now Elizabeth is taming a bad mage~ Sat Serialization~