Life and Death: The Awakening
Last Updated
2 weeks ago
Release Date
June 14th, 2020
Mature (18+)
Country of Origin
South Korea
Season 1: Weak-looking Hwasan doesn't seem to be a man that fights on the front lines. He's a brilliant man who passed the civil service examination twice, and he's also respected for his close connections with various kings and officials. But his identity is none other than the sole successor to the HwaSan sect. He usually stays in his room and reads; the rare instances that he does use his body, it is to clean the yard or do light exercises. One night, he shocked everyone by entering a conflict to save disciplines of the HwaSan sect and fought on the front lines. In that event, the ridge where the HwaSan sect was located burned to the ground, leaving their threshold destroyed. A bunch of fake masters appeared and massacred all of the disciples and even the young. In response, Hwasan displayed great combat skills to take them down and protect the HwaSan sect. To find out the mastermind behind the attack, Hwasan revealed his identity to the world. After hiding his identity for countless years, high-ranking officials and powerful forces began tearing each other apart, collapsing to make the Hwasan sect a powerful group. Season 2 (The revenge of Tathagata): The successor of Shaolin Temple, Sung-Chang, has a genius brain that can memorize all the secrets of Janggyeong-gak, but he cannot use them due to his fragile body. In order to achieve the duty of passing on the vision of Shaolin Temple to future generations, he tries to escape when the Cheonma (Demon) Cult attacks the temple, but ends up in a crisis... Then an unknown voice was heard. He thought he was dead, but he opened his eyes again from the body of Yang Ryun-Jin, a boy who was buried underground, because he was used as a sacrifice for the Yeokcheon Great Law 300 years ago! An uncomfortable cohabitation relationship between the two begins. One bound by a righteous but old school monk Sung-Chang and the other a fallen monk stained with endless greed Yang Ryun-Jin.